Mary Ann Honaker

M. Honaker Fragment


Mary Ann Honaker holds a B.A. in philosophy from West Virginia University, a Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, and is currently enrolled at Lesley University, working toward a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. She has volunteered at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival and attends the Salem Writers Group. She has performed her work at Zig Zag Open Mic in Salem and Stone Soup in Cambridge, and was featured at Speak Up in Lynn and Merrimac Mic in Newburyport. Her work has been included in a Cambridge-based Arts Festival known as the Lydia Fair, and selected for the American Voices series, an annual event held in Ipswich, and for the Improbable Places Poetry Tour.   She has published poetry widely in print and online. She currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts.


Caveat Lector

Dappled Things


Gold Dust

Oddball Magazine

Oddball Magazine Parade of Poets Presents Mary Ann Honaker

Valentine’s Day Massacre Presents: Mary Ann Honaker


The Gloom Cupboard


The Lake

Transcendence Magazine!cbhonaker/ctbt
Walking is Still Honest


Mary Ann Honaker



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